Sharon Osbourne Blasts Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Sharon Osbourne Blasts Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
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Metal icons Black Sabbath were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame back in 2006. As forefathers of the genre, the band are highly influential having spawned all manners of other bands as well as numerous sub-genres within the genre. 

The original group — Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and Ozzy Osbourne — were honored, but later incarnations of the band which included Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Tony Martin and Glenn Hughes were not. 

Singer Ozzy Osbourne was sacked from the group in 1979, though the original lineup would later reunite in 1997. In the meantime, Ozzy has had an outstanding solo career that arguably reached bigger commercial heights than his original band. However, Ozzy still has not been honored by the Rock Hall as a solo artist. 

Ozzy’s wife and longtime manager Sharon recently appeared on The Adam Carolla Show, and she had strong words for the Rock Hall and her husband’s exclusion. 

“There are people on the board, and the people on the board have to go in, and it has to be on their list, and it has to be on more than, I think, half of the votes. More than half.” Sharon said.

“I will never beg, and I will never ask for favors,” she continued. “I’ve never asked anyone for a favor. So, my thing is fuck you if you don’t realize that somebody really deserves to be here. And you don’t recognize that? Then, see ya.”

“We went to a dinner last year for the people who had been inducted in last year. They invited us to the dinner and we went.” Sharon added. “And people were saying to Ozzy, ‘Oh, you’ve been inducted in,’ and we were, like, ‘No, actually. We were just invited for the food, so we’re here.’ That’s as near as we’ve got, but no.”

“They know that Ozzy deserves to be there. They know he’s been a solo artist. You’ve gotta be doing it for 25 years. He’s been 43 years as a solo artist. He sold nearly a hundred million albums as a solo artist. So where is he? Induct him.”

Other rock and metal legends yet to be inducted into the Rock Hall include: Foreigner, Iron Maiden, Dio, Motorhead, Danzig, The MC5, Ted Nugent, Jethro Tull, Eddie Money and Smashing Pumpkins, among several others.

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