Seth Rollins And Matt Riddle Might Have Legitimate Heat

Seth Rollins And Matt Riddle Might Have Legitimate Heat

Matt Riddle isn’t the most popular wrestler in the locker room, and nine months after Brock Lesnar told him he won’t work with him, Seth Rollins has revealed he doesn’t want to either. Rollins was part of the Friday Night SmackDown Watch Along, and when asked about who he would be interested in facing now that he is a SmackDown wrestler, he made a point of naming Riddle as someone he didn’t want to wrestle.

I’ve got no interest in facing Matt Riddle at any point in my career, so he can go to Raw as far as I’m concerned.Seth Rollins

It isn’t known where the heat comes from, however in November last year, Riddle’s wife Lisa posted an insulting Instagram post along with a photo of Seth Rollins fiancée Becky Lynch where she body-shamed her as being “skinny jiggly fat.” You can view a screenshot of her post below.

The two-time All American gymnast would later delete the derogatory post. However, it was widely shared on social media, and it’s unlikely that neither Lynch nor Rollins saw it.

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