Sammy Hagar Thinks David Lee Roth Might Be Jealous

Sammy Hagar Thinks David Lee Roth Might Be Jealous
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Last month, original Van Halen singer David Lee Roth shot back at Sammy Hagar for comments Hagar made about him not being able to remember the words to his own songs. He also blasted Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, saying that Wolfgang had members of his entourage thrown out of shows when the pair both shared the stage in Van Halen. 

Most recently, Roth again dissed Wolfgang over comments made about Van Halen’s last studio album, “A Different Kind Of Truth.” Wolfgang previously said that the album isn’t available on streaming services because Roth wouldn’t allow it. 

“Do you remember Leon Spinks? How about Larry Holmes or Trevor Berbick?” a mock therapist asked “Wolfgang” in Roth’s latest video. “Well, these were the last couple of Muhammad Ali’s fights, and nobody wants to remember them because they were no fun… And your albums with Van Halen are a lot like those last two fights.”

Hagar was recently asked about Roth’s comments, and The Red Rocker implied that Roth may be jealous that he’s not part of the upcoming “Best of All Worlds” tour. “Look, if you really think about what he said, it’s like do I sense a little tinge of jealousy in there or something?” Hagar noted to People ahead of the MusiCares Person of the Year ceremony and concert honoring Jon Bon Jovi. Hagar and Wolfgang both honored Bon Jovi with performances at the event. 

“I mean, honestly, the only thing I can say without being cruel is he needs to find a new dispensary,” Hagar continued. “That one’s not working for him.”

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