Rob Van Dam Talks About The Shocking Amount Of Concussions He Has Suffered

Rob Van Dam Talks About The Shocking Amount Of Concussions He Has Suffered

During his divorce settlement with ex-wife Sonia, RVD revealed that due to concussions, he suffered visual impairment and could no longer be cleared to wrestle in WWE. The reason at the time for telling this was he felt he should pay his ex-wife less in the financial settlement as he could no longer earn big money.

Now during an episode of The Steve Austin Show, RVD went into more detail on his concussions, telling Austin:

I’ve had hundreds, seriously, hundreds, hundreds of concussions.
Balls Mahoney would hit me with a chair. Then ‘crack’ it would be like everything’s in like slow motion. Sometimes the sound goes out, sometimes you know everything’s like spinning. I had double vision, but I just couldn’t shake it off, and I kept thinking well, you know, it’ll be gone tomorrow, so I’m not gonna let anybody know, the show must go on.

If that number is even remotely accurate, it is a scary situation for RVD. He would go on to say his latest concussion came in a match against Brian Cage for Impact Wrestling following a knee to the head. He would also confirm he has donated his brain to science.

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