Ring Of Honor Re-Sign Marty Scurll And Bandido

Ring Of Honor Re-Sign Marty Scurll And Bandido

After Marty Scurll’s Ring of Honor contract expired in November, it was thought he was AEW bound due to his friendship with The Elite, having been a member of the Bullet Club, and then The Elite. But in what is considered a shock, he has re-signed with ROH.

It’s understood the deal is for two-years, for around 40 dates per year and for “WWE main roster money.” Also, and likely what swayed Scrull to re-sign was that he will become the head booker of the promotion, with existing booker Hunter “Delirious” Johnston working alongside him.

In addition, Luchador Bandido has also re-signed with the company for an undisclosed amount of time. It’s understood WWE was interested in signing him, and Daniel Bryan has publically spoken about how he felt he would be a big star with the company. Bandido is the current champion for the Mexican promotion Crash, as well as the PWG Heavyweight champion, and his ROH deal will allow him to continue working with them.

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