Rick Bognar Best Known As ‘Fake’ Razor Ramon Has Died

Rick Bognar Best Known As ‘Fake’ Razor Ramon Has Died

Rick Bognar, best known to wrestling fans as “Fake Razor Ramon” has passed away at the age of 49. He had retired in 2001 and was working as a life coach and a “transformational” speaker.

His brother would post Rick’s Facebook account that his brother had passed on 20th, September. No other details were available.

The Canadian wrestler, spent three years in local indies before joining FMW in Japan in 1991 when he would go on to be World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship. He would also win the Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship with The Gladiator (Mike Awesome).

He’d wrestle for Wrestle and Romance and briefly in ECW as Big Titan before Bret Hart got him a tryout with WWE, where he’d go on to compete as Razor Ramon,m after Scott Hall had left for WCW. Vince’s lawyer Jerry McDevitt reminded Vince McMahon he owned the names Razor Ramon and Diesel as WWE owned them. Glenn Jacobs would play “Fake” Diesel.

Despite being trained by Jim Cornette’s to copy Hall’s mannerisms and moves, fans never took to the gimmick, and he left the company once his contract expired.

He would go back to Japan with New Japan and joined the Japanese version of the nWo. He would injure his neck while on a tour and would end up retiring.

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