Police Provide Update On Missing Former “Jackass” Star

Police Provide Update On Missing Former “Jackass” Star
Original Photo Credit: Bam Margera’s Instagram (www.instagram.com/p/CeXAqHZP0F-/?hl=en)

Two weeks ago, TMZ reported that police were on the lookout for former “Jackass” star Bam Margera after he bolted from a Florida rehab facility that he wasn’t allowed to leave. The facility’s manager reported that Margera went missing, according to a Delray Beach police report. The manager said Margera was unhappy being there, and he said he would be checking into a different rehab center in the area. Days later, police found Margera at a Delray Beach hotel and escorted him back to the rehab center. TMZ reportedly obtained photos of him the day before he was found at a few bars close to his hotel.

Earlier this week, the former “Viva La Bam” star went missing again, according to TMZ. Margera split from the the LifeSkills residential facility in Deerfield Beach without permission. Late Monday, authorities found him at Deerfield Beach hotel with a crisis intervention team that included his parents, according to TMZ. The report said that Margera was found unharmed and that an intervention was held at the hotel. At the time of his initial disappearance, disappearance, Margera reportedly said he was unhappy with the facility and left despite being there as part of a court ordered Marchman Act, which “provides emergency assistance and temporary detention for individuals requiring substance abuse evaluation and treatment in the state of Florida.”

The “Jackass” franchise and Margera share a close connection with hard rock, punk and heavy metal, having featured various artists in their shows and movies. Some of Margera’s favorite bands were featured in “Viva La Bam” including HIM, CKY, Cradle of Filth, Clutch, Turbonegro, Slayer, Gwar and more. “Jackass” also had a close connection to rock and punk and even released compilation albums featuring bands used for the show. Artists featured on the show and in “Jackass” movies included Andrew W.K., Agent Orange and The Misfits, among many others.

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