Papa Roach Singer Reveals Why Band Wasn’t Asked Back To Ozzfest

Papa Roach Singer Reveals Why Band Wasn’t Asked Back To Ozzfest
Original Photo Credit: Stefan Brending, via Wikimedia Commons

Papa Roach came to prominence in the alternative and nu-metal scenes of the early 2000s. The band’s major-label debut, “Infest,” sported the successful singles “Last Resort,” “Broken Home” and “Between Angels and Insects,” and the band were quickly featured on several high-profile tours including the 2001 version of Ozzfest.

Singer Jacoby Shaddix was on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, and he talked about his career and the band’s future plans. He also shared a story of Papa Roach starting a riot during their Ozzfest set in New Jersey and the reaming he got from Sharon Osbourne as a result. 

“We did (Ozzfest) once,” Shaddix said. “It was sick as f*ck. I think the reason we weren’t asked back to do it again is ‘cause I incited a riot in New Jersey at the big old amphitheater out there. We tore the f*cking place apart. I got arrested. I tried to evade the cops. It was a whole thing. I jumped in the trunk of my A&R’s town car after we got off stage and evaded, left. They got a hold of him, and New Jersey state police said, ‘You have to bring yourself back and surrender yourself.’ I was like, ‘F*ck dude.’ So I got arrested. Dealt with that, and was banned from the venue for a long time.”

Shaddix continued: “But dude, Sharon Osbourne just chewed my ass out. The cops were trying to get pictures and s*it, and Sharon was like, ‘AHHHHHHH.’ And rightfully. She chewed me up, spit me out, handed me my own ass, right? And I needed it. I just needed that f*cking reality check. She’s like, ‘You’re in your prime, and this kind of behavior is gonna f*ck it all up for you.’ She just read me the riot act and was pretty much like, ‘F*ck you, and you’re welcome, boy.’”

“After a few days it simmers down, and I went back and chatted with her. I said, ‘You know what? Thank you. I needed that kind of check.’ And after that, you didn’t hear about my band doing whacky s*it and crazy s*it to people. I don’t think (Papa Roach) was asked back because of that. And that’s alright.” 

Listen to the full Talk Is Jericho episode here, and check out a clip from the show below. 

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