Paige Upset By Ill-Judged Triple H Joke

Paige Upset By Ill-Judged Triple H Joke

During a recent interview, Triple H was asked about the potential in-ring returns of Edge and Paige. He would reply with the below, which upset Paige.

“I’d like to see them live healthy lives…Edge has kids…Paige…you know, she probably has a few she doesn’t know of…”Triple H

Obviously, the joke doesn’t make sense when about a woman, but it does imply Paige is promiscuous, and she called attention to this on Twitter.

The ill-thought-out joke was also likely upsetting for Paige as she has previously suffered a miscarriage and isn’t sure she can have children.

Renee Young would also take to Twitter to defend her WWE Backstage colleague.

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