OPINION: The 5 Most Iconic WWE Wrestler Entrance Songs

OPINION: The 5 Most Iconic WWE Wrestler Entrance Songs

Part of what makes wrestling productions like the WWE so entertaining is the theatrics, the spectacle, and the show the wrestlers put on. Of course, the wrestling itself is incredible to watch, but there is so much more to digest from the commentators, the backstories, the backstage drama, and the storylines that unfold each week.

One aspect that makes a huge impact is the entrance songs. Nothing gets the crowd pumped or prepares them to see their favorite wrestlers more than the accompanying music they choose to walk to the ring with. All entrance songs are pretty cool, but a select few are legendary – you only have to hear the first few notes of the music, and you immediately know who is about to appear. In the article below, we have selected our five most iconic wrestler entrance songs of all time for your enjoyment!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: As a wrestling fan since the 90s, this is my all-time favorite, and hearing that breaking glass was like music to my ears! As soon as it shattered and the ensuing grunge metal rock started to play, I knew that none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin was about to appear! The track is Hell Frozen Over by Jim Johnston, and while it has no lyrics, the combination of the breaking glass and the excellent guitar riffs were the perfect combination for the Texas Rattlesnake. If you could find wagers at bestodds.com for this subject, I am pretty sure that this entrance song would be most people’s choice!

The Undertaker: Like Stone Cold’s epic breaking glass, the other sound I loved to hear the most was the ominous bell toll that heralded the arrival of The Undertaker from Death Valley! Everything about this entrance song fits with the character and persona of The Undertaker. The lights would go out, the bell would toll, and then the melancholy funeral music would play. Eventually, when the lights turned on, the legend himself would be standing there in the middle of the ring, looking incredible as ever.

The track is another written by Jim Johnston and is lovingly named The Grim Reaper. I love everything about this, from thunder crashes to the pounding raindrops and the steady buildup of the organ music. It’s absolutely incredible and added to the entire persona that Mark Calaway created in the WWE.

Hulk Hogan: I am a real American. Fight for the rights of every man.” Crikey, what a song! Hulk Hogan is generally a beloved American icon, and his theme song is just a good old 80s rock and roll tune. The song, Real American, written by Rick Derringer, was used initially by the tag team, the U.S Express. However, they departed from the WWF after a short while. Luckily, Hogan took over the song, and it became an instant fan favorite. What’s not to love about it? It’s fun, uplifting, and promotes a great message. Aside from being one of the best wrestling entrance songs of all time, it could pass as a fantastic 80s rock and roll song in its own right.

John Cena: John Cena is an incredibly popular wrestler who has it all – style, swagger, muscle, and of course, an iconic entrance theme. Few wrestlers can claim that they recorded their own entrance song, but Cena did, and it was used on his debut studio album, You Can’t See Me, released in 2005. The song, The Time Is Now, is immediately recognizable by the funky trumpet riff and then Cena’s pretty tight rapping skills. He still uses this entrance song today, and it has become synonymous with the WWE, Cena, and his brand.

D-Generation X: My last pick is another legendary piece with an absolutely belting first line. D-Generation X was incredibly popular when I started watching wrestling, with Triple-H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and Chyna. They were fun, acted as the rebels, and their wrestling was terrific to watch too. But no one can forget their entrance song. The first line… “Are you ready?” followed by, “You think you can tell us what to do? You think you can tell us what to wear? You think that you are better?” Then the eventual metal song was perfect.

These entrance songs will stand the test of time and are forever remembered as classics. You know that an entrance song is powerful when you can instantly recognize who is about to appear on the stage and walk down into the ring. The chills and excitement you get when those first notes or sounds play is challenging to recreate. Which are your favorite entrance songs, and do you think we have missed any iconic intros?

Graham Douglas