Offer Made For Courtney Love To Take Lie Detector Test About Kurt Cobain

Offer Made For Courtney Love To Take Lie Detector Test About Kurt Cobain
Original Photo Credit: Courtney Love - Andrea Fleming, CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

The alleged autopsy report of legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was leaked online last month. It confirmed that the star died by suicide after turning a shotgun on himself back in 1994. 

Author Ian Halperin released a book last year, “Case Closed: The Cobain Murder: The Killing And Cover Up of Kurt Cobain,” which presented the argument that Cobain did not kill himself. Halperin said he has uncovered new evidence, though he did not accuse Love or anybody else for the killing. 

“In this book, I conclude unwaveringly, the police got it wrong a thousand percent, and it was a murder,” Halperin told The Sun“The verdict should be changed from suicide to murder. And all this relies on the forensic pathological evidence, new evidence I’ve dug up.”

Last year, Halperin challenged Love to take a lie detector test to answer questions about Cobain’s death. He said if she passed, he would pay for a billboard in Times Square in New York City proclaiming that Love was innocent. Earlier this week, the author backed his offer with cash. 

“I want to update my offer,” he again told The Sun. “If Courtney agrees to take the test and she passes, she gets her choice. I’ll either take out that billboard in Times Square or a person, who is in the long time music industry executive, has offered to give her $50,000 cash if she passes. I am keen to find the truth.  I just want her to finally clear this and get to the truth in our lifetime. A polygraph would be a step to erase the doubt forever.”

Halperin also said that he was approached last year by an alleged associate of Love. “Somebody, who said they were close to her, called me and said ‘Are you offering her money?’ I made it clear I was offering her the chance to clear her name and that I would take out a billboard in Times Square, which I would pay for, saying ‘Courtney’s innocent’ if she passed. I think the person was just fishing.”

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