NXT Beats AEW Dynamite By Over 100,000 Viewers

NXT Beats AEW Dynamite By Over 100,000 Viewers

Last week’s Wednesday Night Wars ended up as a tie with both shows having exactly 778,000 average viewers. But this week, NXT had a comfortable victory.

AEW Dynamite ended up decreasing from 778,000 average viewers to 683,000 viewers, and NXT increased from 778,000 average viewers to 795,000 viewers.


AEW featured Chris Jericho and Jungle Boy going to a 10-minute draw, Cross Rhodes and Darby Allin defeated The Butcher and The Blade, and SCU retaining their AEW tag titles over The Young Bucks.

NXT had Rhea Ripley defeating Shayna Baszler to win the NXT Women’s Championship and NXT Champion Adam Cole beating Finn Balor to retain the title.

There is no AEW Dynamite next week due to Christmas, and NXT has been taped, so the war resumes in 2020.

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