Mudvayne Singer Tells Motley Crue To Call It A Day

Mudvayne Singer Tells Motley Crue To Call It A Day
Original Photo Credits: Chad Gray - | Vince Neil - Andreas Lawen, Fotandi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Mudvayne singer Chad Gray recently was interviewed by The Jesea Lee Show. He was asked about a variety of topics including what late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul thought about the band reuniting prior to his passing. 

Gray was also asked about what got him into music. “My first, my cutting-teeth metal record — it’s so weird even say the band name now considering what’s going on with that band — Motley Crue ‘Too Fast For Love’. ‘Too Fast For Love’ and ‘Shout At The Devil’, man. Just f*cking absolute game changers.”

Gray had high praise for the Crue which led him down the path of discovering heavy music. He was also asked, however, what he thought of the band replacing guitarist Mick Mars with John 5. 

“At this point, I would just bow out,” he said. “It’s not the same, dude. I’m not the guy that f*cking like just wants to sit and talk sh*t, but I have, unfortunately… It hits me in such a pure place, and to see it just kind of turn into f*cking whatever because it was such a big part of my life, and so it’s hard for me to watch.”

Lee then asked Gray if the Crue “should just call it completely at this point.” 

“Unless you wanna try harder,” he replied. “You know what I mean? And it’s not all of ’em. Tommy can still f*cking play. Tommy’s a f*cking beast; I mean, he always will be. But that’s usually the way with drummers; they usually can stand the test of time. I get it with singers and sh*t like that. You lose some of your register and frequency, your pitch will drop. That’s just f*cking nature. ‘Cause it has with me — my resonant pitch has definitely dropped. I can still get up there, but it’s weird. My register break is a little bit lower and different. So, it does happen, but it’s just, like, come on, man.”

Gray’s full interview can be viewed below. 

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