Matt Hardy Shares Big AEW Contract News

Matt Hardy Shares Big AEW Contract News

It was recently reported that Matt Hardy’s AEW contract is on the verge of expiring, and with him recently attending an episode of Raw, there had been some speculation that he could be WWE-bound. And while it remains unknown whether WWE is interested in bringing back their former talent, Hardy has now disclosed on his podcast that AEW has officially offered him a new multiyear deal. However, he wants to thoroughly review it and make the right decision before signing it.

“I have an AEW contract sitting in front of me for a few years, I’m looking through it. I’m deciding what I want to do going forward. There’s obviously still some options. I gotta make sure that I’m aware of the ins and outs of the contract. I want to make sure everything is up to par as far as what I want to be because once again, as I say pretty often, I know that I only have a couple more years left doing this and I want to make the most out of those years, whatever it may be.”

Matt Hardy

49-year-old Hardy is one of AEW’s most recognizable names, given he had three successful runs in WWE and, alongside his brother Jeff, is considered one of the all-time great tag team wrestlers. Yet, having only wrestled for AEW once so far this year, he may feel he could be better utilized elsewhere and decide to test free agency, which is his right.