Luke Harper Is Preparing For Life After WWE

Luke Harper Is Preparing For Life After WWE

It is no secret that Luke Harper wants out of WWE. Things went wrong for him when a planned push was canceled by Vince McMahon after he watched Harper vs EC3 in a dark match and hated it.

Harper would request his release, but fearing he’d go to AEW it was declined by WWE and they and they actually added the time he had missed through injury onto his contract. His deal would have originally ended November 2019, but with the added time the new date is around April 2020.

Harper has now begun making plans for his post-WWE career by trademarking the name Brodie Lee. This was the name he used between 2003 and 2012 on the indies, notably with Ring of Honor and Chikara.

It isn’t known where Luke Harper, soon to be known as Brodie Lee will end up, but AEW and New Japan are both realistic options.

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