Liv Morgan Defends WWE’s Use Of Scantily Clad Dancers On Raw Underground

Liv Morgan Defends WWE’s Use Of Scantily Clad Dancers On Raw Underground

During the first week of Raw Underground, WWE had scantily clad women dancing, and this caused a minor social media backlash. Fans complained it was a return to the days of calling female talent “Divas” and would undo the great work the company had achieved with their women’s evolution. WWE seemingly listened as they were nowhere in sight this past Monday.

One person though who does miss the dancers is Raw’s Liv Morgan, who took to Twitter asking for them to be brought back, and stating that having them doesn’t hurt the women’s evolution.

Hey .. #RawUndwrground… can we bring back the dancers next week ?Liv Morgan
We have come so so far in the evolution.. And with no signs of slowing down I don’t think it is in any danger. Showing beautiful women proudly dancing (believe it or not, huge money making profession 🤑) doesn’t hurt anything. Empower all womenLiv Morgan

WWE has done extraordinary things to improve women’s wrestling over the last five years, ever since a 30-second women match caused the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance to trend for three days. During that time, they’ve rebranded the Divas Division to the Women’s Division, held an all-women pay-per-view, had women main event PPV’s, and had a woman appear on the front cover of their annual video game.

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