Lana Is Threatening To Leave Social Media And Take Miro With Her

Lana Is Threatening To Leave Social Media And Take Miro With Her

Lana has taken to Twitter to speak out against her cyberbullies and saying that both her and husband Miro will leave social media if they don’t stop. Miro backed up his wife Lana by retweeting. It appears a TikTok video of Lana and Natalya dancing together has triggered this response. Both shared the same video on their respective social media profiles, and while Natalya received positivity, Lana was harassed.

It’s crazy to see me that I can post a video on my IG & get so much hate & cyber bullying comments & then @NatbyNature can post the exact same video and everyone say it’s the best TikTok ever ! It’s the same video that I made…. why are all of you such bullies to me ?Lana
If all of you keep coming at me in cyber bullying ways …. the entire house hold of @ToBeMiro & my social medias will be turned off. Mental health is the most important. Cyber bullying can really effect someone’s mental health. Please have respect & stop cyber bullying me.Lana

You can watch the TikTok video that sparked these tweets below.

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