Kane Reveals Whether He Considers Himself Retired

Kane Reveals Whether He Considers Himself Retired

Glenn Jacobs started wrestling in 1992 and made his way to the WWE in 1995, where he’d wrestle as Mike Unabomb, Isaac Yankem, and the fake Diesel. None of those gimmicks caught on, and after spending six-month sat at home, he’d debut as Kane, and the rest is history.

Jumping forward to March 2017, Jacobs announced his intention to run for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. In August 2018, he’d achieve his goal by crushing his Democrat opponent Linda Haney by 25,580 votes. Despite his new job, he’d return to WWE on the 1st October episode of Raw and reunite with The Undertaker leading to a match against D-Generation X at Crown Jewel in November.

Since then, he’d make a couple more appearances for WWE but hasn’t wrestled. That is unless you count 24/7 Championship comedy segments with R-Truth. Now speaking to Ryan Satin of Fox Sports, Jacobs has revealed that while he isn’t officially retired, he is fine no longing being in the ring considering he is 53.

I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I’m comfortable not being in the wrestling ring. It’s hard work. I’ve also gotten to the age where a lot of times I’m like, “man, that looks like it hurts!” I used to be, “man, I wish I could be out there doing that!” Now I’m kinda like, “Oooh golly. Those guys are a lot tougher than I am now.” Nevertheless, if the opportunity arises … well, you know, we’ll see.Glenn Jacobs

While not announced, Kane will likely appear at the next weekend’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, billed as The Undertaker “Final Farewell.”. However, considering he is one of WWE’s most long-lasting and beloved characters, it’s hard to imagine WWE not giving him his own proper sendoff when the time comes.

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