John Cena Comments On His Bald Spot

John Cena Comments On His Bald Spot

Thanks to WrestleMania XL night 2’s main event being contested under Bloodline Rules, the bout would feature legends like John Cena, The Undertaker, and The Rock, making it one of the most memorable WWE matches ever. Yet, some fans on social media were seemingly more interested in discussing Cena’s very noticeable bald spot following the show and why he hasn’t dealt with it. And now, during a recent interview with Pat McAfee, the 16-time champion has acknowledged his hair loss and the feedback, saying, “I’m not perfect.

“Me, you, and like 7 out of 10 dudes have them. So I don’t care, I’m not perfect, that’s not me.”

John Cena

Due to last year’s SAG-AFTRA strike, Cena returned to WWE as a full-time SmackDown performer between September and November, where he wrestled multiple dark matches, tagged with LA Knight at Fastlane, and faced Sikoa at Crown Jewel. However, despite making a surprise appearance at WrestleMania XL and wrestling alongside Awesome Truth the following night on Raw, it is now understood that he is set to take another hiatus to focus on his Hollywood career again.