Jim Cornette Threatens To Sue Deathmatch Wrestler Over Offensive T-Shirt

Jim Cornette Threatens To Sue Deathmatch Wrestler Over Offensive T-Shirt

If you’ve ever watched a Jim Cornette shoot interview, listened to his podcast, or read his Twitter, you’ll know he isn’t a fan of deathmatch wrestling. He has utter disdain for the actual wrestlers who wrestle this style, and considers them a blight on the pro wrestling industry.

Well, over the last couple of weeks deathmatch wrestler G-Raver caught Cornette’s attention after being injured doing a dangerous ladder spot involving light tubes. G-Raver was severely cut. A clip of the incident can be viewed here.

Cornette wasn’t sympathetic towards G-Raver, a 13-year death match veteran, and commented on Twitter:

That’s a nasty little nick the guy got on his arm there at the end, if the fans were lucky they probably stopped the show so everyone could watch this idiot bleed out.

G-Raver would reply:

Hey @TheJimCornette, let me see you at a convention. I’ll spit in your fucking mouth. You’ve done nothing to me. Now you’re an advocate for death?

The conversation would escalate between the two, and Cornette called the fact G-Raver had a GoFundMe to pay for his surgery “absolute insanity.”

At that point, it seems everything had died down until G-Raver reignited things by releasing the below t-shirt for sale on Tuesday.

The unsavory shirt angered Cornette who quickly got his legal representative involved. At the time of writing the t-shirt had been withdrawn from sale by TheIndyConnection.com.

It probably wasn’t a wise move by G-Raver to release an insulting shirt about a guy who has a lawyer on speed-dial. From a legal perspective, according to Cornette’s lawyer, the issue is “improperly appropriating my client’s likeness without his consent.”

If you want to help G-Raver with his surgery (and now potential legal fees), you can find his GoFundMe here.

In totally unrelated news you can buy a t-shirt of Jim Cornette pissing on Vince Russo’s grave on his official website.

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