Jeff Jarrett Reveals Who He Thinks Can Be AEW’s Next Big Star

Jeff Jarrett Reveals Who He Thinks Can Be AEW’s Next Big Star
Photo courtesy of AEW.

Jeff Jarrett is gearing up for a shot at All Elite Wrestling tag team gold this Sunday in Las Vegas at Double or Nothing. Jarrett and Jay Lethal have proved to be a formidable threat to current AEW tag champs FTR, and the teams have built their feud over the past few weeks on Dynamite and Rampage. 

Jarrett and Lethal are also joined by mouthpiece Sonjay Dutt and 7-foot-4 ex-NBA star, Satnam Singh. 

Recently, Jarrett spoke with Web Is Jericho to preview the match and to discuss his journey thus far in AEW. The full interview is available here, but Jarrett also gave his thoughts on who he thinks can be the company’s next big star. No surprise, it’s his co-hort, the India-born Singh. 

“That’s a loaded question,” Jarrett said when asked who could be AEW’s next top talent. “I’ll leave that to the armchair quarterbacks, but I’ll say this. With a bias, Satnam. His (2016) documentary is so appropriately named, ‘One in a Billion.’ They obviously meant that from the NBA connotation, that he’s a kid from India who moved here to the states as a 14-15 year old. And the population of India is a billion.”

“But when you kind of look at his life path, and look at the upside and the potential, it’s not every day you have a 7-foot-4, 26-year-old — I’ll call him kid —who has a professional basketball background. It’s just kind of amazing you have a kid like that who has an incredible passion for professional wrestling. He really is a one-in-a-billion talent. His athletic ability, where he’s from. He’s bilingual. At the end of the day he loves wrestling just like me and Jay and Sonjay do, and that is something that I think is a recipe for an incredible success story, if he does the work.”

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