Information On Ronda Rousey’s WWE Contract

Information On Ronda Rousey’s WWE Contract

You’d be forgiven for thinking Ronda Rousey was no longer with WWE as she hasn’t competed since her Raw Women’s Championship reign ended at 231 days at WrestleMania 35. However, she is still under contract and will be until mid-April 2021. This explains why WWE is still selling her merchandise on

Initially, when WWE was negotiating with Fox about bringing SmackDown to the network, they promised both Rousey and Brock Lesnar, so they fully intended for her to be part of their long-term plans, as the length of her contract reflects. Following her final appearance in April 2019, she stated she was stepping away from wrestling to start a family but later claimed on the podcast of Jackass star Steve-O to have not been happy with the schedule. She’d add that she’d never wrestle a full-time schedule again, and called WWE fans ungrateful.

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