Indie Wrestler Apologizes For Disrespecting Eddie Guerrero

Indie Wrestler Apologizes For Disrespecting Eddie Guerrero

This past Friday night marked the 15th anniversary of the tragic passing of Eddie Guerrero, and social media was filled with touching tributes and memories of the legendary wrestler. The following day though, at ICW’s No Holds Barred show, independent deathmatch wrestler Alex Ocean slighted the WWE Hall of Famer by shouting “f*ck Eddie Guerrero” after doing Guerrero’s trademark Three Amigos suplex’s.

Upon hearing this, outraged fans took to Twitter to call him out for it. These tweets seemingly made Ocean realize how offensive his remark was, and he would tweet out the below apology.

Ocean, who refers to himself as The New Bad Boy, has only been competing since 2018 and with under 60 matches under his belt, is relatively inexperienced. However, that is no excuse for his lack of respect; hopefully, this teaches him a valuable lesson about getting the wrong type of heat.

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