HBO Max Orders “Peacemaker” Series Starring John Cena

HBO Max Orders “Peacemaker” Series Starring John Cena

John Cena is playing Christopher Smith, whose alter ego is Peacemaker, a superhero who tries to attain peace-through-violence in next years, “The Suicide Squad” movie. The character initially appeared in the “Fightin’ 5” comic book series in November 1966, published by Charlton Comics. However, in 1983 DC Comics purchased him to use him in the Watchmen series before changing their mind.

It has now been announced that the streaming service HBO Max has ordered an eight-episode spinoff series about the character, simply titled “Peacemaker.” It will delve into Christopher Smith’s past, and Cena will again star in addition to being a co-executive producer. James Gunn, who is the director and writer of “The Suicide Squad,” movie is onboard to write and direct some of the episodes, including the pilot. Filming is scheduled for early 2021.

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