Former WCW Star Has Been Hospitalized

Former WCW Star Has Been Hospitalized

In concerning news, The Hannibal TV, a YouTube wrestling channel run by Canadian pro wrestler Devon Nicholson, has reported that former WCW wrestler and booker Kevin Sullivan has been hospitalized. The exact nature of the 74-year-old’s condition, which has necessitated emergency surgery, hasn’t been disclosed, although the situation has unfortunately been described as “serious.

“It’s been confirmed by John Poz, his Taskmaster Talks co-host, that Kevin Sullivan, former head booker of WCW, former manager of the Blood Hunter, has unfortunately had to be rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery. It’s undisclosed what he is exactly getting emergency surgery for, but apparently, it is serious.”

Devon Nicholson

Sullivan broke into the business in 1970, and while he was successful over the next decade, his career went to another level in Championship Wrestling From Florida in the ’80s. This was after he embraced an occultist cult leader gimmick, which was inspired by Satanic panic at the time. From there, he would work for Jim Crockett Promotions/World Championship Wrestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and Eastern/Extreme Championship Wrestling. Still, despite being so well-traveled and the fact he booked WCW in the ’90s, he is likely best known to modern-day fans for being Nancy Benoit’s ex-husband.