Fear Factory Guitarist Explains Why He’s Worried For Band’s Next Singer

Fear Factory Guitarist Explains Why He’s Worried For Band’s Next Singer
Original Photo Credit: S. Bollmann, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fear Factory and singer Burton C. Bell parted ways more than two years ago. Guitarist Dino Cazares plans to announce the band’s new singer soon, but he told Australia’s Wall Of Sound that he’s had to prepare their new vocalist for the criticism headed his way. 

“I had a lot of preparation with him because he’s gonna have to be able to not only fill some big shoes, which he can vocal-wise, but he’s never been inside in that arena, where you’re gonna have the media, you’re gonna have Internet trolls coming after you,” Caszares said. “So that’s one of the main things I’m getting him prepared for, because some people just can’t handle that emotionally.”

“If you’re in a small band growing to be a bigger band, yeah, eventually you grow into all the Internet hate that you’re gonna get, but he’s gonna get it instantly and it’s gonna be bombarded on him,” Dino explained. “But I understand where some people are coming from, ’cause some people are not always adaptable to change. And Burton C. Bell definitely did have the legendary voice for Fear Factory. But things change, people’s lives change, and sometimes you’ve just gotta move on. And that’s exactly what we’ve both done.”

Cazares said Bell wanted to leave the band for some time. 

“He originally quit way back in 2002, and he ended up coming band into the band and restarting the band with the other guys without me,” the guitarist said to RichardMetalFan. 

“It always seemed like he always had one foot out the door, and I think that this was just his time to exit, for whatever reason. I mean, you have to ask him, really, to get [the full story of why he left]. But he pretty much left me to handle the rest of the duties for [Fear ’Factory’s latest album] ‘Aggression Continuum’. And so now I’m moving forward without him, and the band’s gonna go on without him, and that’s just how it is. He’s moved on, and so have I. Fans can cry all they want and people can want what they want. And I get it; I understand. He was in the band for many years, and he was the only vocalist on the record, even though he had quit the band two or three times before that. But he’s gone, and I’ve moved on, and so has he.”

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