Ex-“Jackass” Star Bam Margera Suffers Nasty Skateboarding Injury (w/Video)

Ex-“Jackass” Star Bam Margera Suffers Nasty Skateboarding Injury (w/Video)
Original Photo Credit: www.instagram.com/p/C4PHABLMEcS/

Ex-“Jackass” star Bam Margera went through a very public battle with addiction last year, but thankfully has got himself sober and is doing much better. Margera has used his love for skateboarding as a way to occupy his time in a more healthy way, but unfortunately, he recently suffered a nasty injury. 

The video shows Margera going back and forth on skateboarding ramps when his leg suddenly gets caught on the corner of a ramp, and he takes a nasty fall. Margera shared a pic from the hospital revealing that he suffered a torn MCL. He was out and about not long after, however, in a wheelchair with his fiancee and friends enjoying Painters Alley in downtown Nashville. 

Margera championed numerous hard rock, metal and punk bands via both “Jackass” and his “Viva La Bam” show, and much of the music used for both programs got a significant boost in notoriety. It also fit the stunt-style shows perfectly. 

Margera shared the story of getting engaged to model Dannii Marie earlier this year. “I always woke up not knowing what to do with the day … I would just look across the street, see an Irish pub and be like, ‘That looks like fun,’” Margera told Us Weekly“Now I wake up, I walk the dogs, I stretch, I go to the gym, I go skateboarding. Everything’s a structured fun schedule.”

Everyone at Web Is Jericho wishes Bam a speedy recovery. 

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