D-Von Dudley Provides Update On Dudley Boyz In-Ring Reunion

D-Von Dudley Provides Update On Dudley Boyz In-Ring Reunion

D-Von Dudley recently departed WWE by mutual decision, and it seemed his future would be on the convention circuit, meeting fans and signing autographs. The reason for that is that 13 months ago, he revealed he’d had his spine shifted and now has screws and a plate in his back. Consequently, it was thought even a minor bump could endanger his long-term health. Now though, it appears he is considering returning to the ring along with long-time tag partner Bully Ray, as he would tell Bill Apter of Wrestle Binge he is having his x-rays looked at.

Me and Bubba have talked about it, it’s not, you know, unheard of. You know, I did have major back surgery. So, I just took the X-rays today and that’s going to be sent to my doctor to see if everything is good and I actually take my MRI tomorrow to see if the fusions that took place, everything is still intact. So, once I get the okay from that, within the next week or two, I will be able to determine whether I’m going to get back in the ring. It looks very good.

D-Von Dudley

First established in ECW, The Dudley Boyz jumped to WWE in 1999 and became true tag team greats over the next six years. They would then work for TNA and Japan before delighting Attitude Era fans by returning to WWE a decade later in 2015. However, last year D-Von opened up about their relationship, revealing they were no longer close due to how things ended during their final WWE run, with Bully Ray’s delay in signing a new contract costing them their spot. Now though, any ill feelings appear to be in the past.