Clown Clarifies Who Started Slipknot

Clown Clarifies Who Started Slipknot
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Slipknot has made several headlines in recent months for a variety of reasons. The band parted ways with longtime drummer Jay Weinberg. The estate of his predecessor, Joey Jordison, also filed a lawsuit against the band saying the group profited off of his passing. 

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor also recently canceled his North American tour to announce he was taking a break to get his mental health in order. 

With fluctuations/firings in the lineup over the last five years including Chris Fehn and Craig “133” Jones, some fans wondered who left in the band is, in fact, an original member. Percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan clarified that the founders of the band are himself, original vocalist Anders Colsefni (Andy Raw) and bassist Paul Gray. 

“There’s all these real misunderstandings about who started the band or whatever,” Crahan said. “And the bottom line is it was Andy Rouw, the original singer, myself and Paul.”

“Andy ended up leaving really early in the game, and so once we were signed it was basically just Paul and I. The press and the families and all the people that have their heads up their asses, they like to adhere everything because of ego. But I’m here to tell you my friend, Paul Gray was at my wedding three years prior [to] he and I and Andy starting the band. That’s that.”

Crahan’s full interview can be viewed below. 

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