Bryan Danielson Opens Up About His Mental Health Struggles

Bryan Danielson Opens Up About His Mental Health Struggles

Mental health issues used to be a taboo subject in pro wrestling, with nobody wanting to admit to any form of weakness. Nowadays, though, talents are much more open to discussing theirs, and among them has been Bryan Danielson, who previously disclosed on Total Bellas he suffered from depression. And now, while speaking to the Unconsciously Coupled podcast, he has gone into more detail, admitting at times he’d gone “deep off the rails” and wasn’t there for his family.

Brie ended up coming back and doing more wrestling, but what we thought was going to be her last match, I’d gone off the rails. Like, deep, deep off the rails, So I wasn’t there for what, in theory, could have been her last match. So deep, deep guilt for that. For her mom and Johnny’s wedding, I wasn’t there for that because I’d had a really bad episode. There are those kind of things. Then there’s the everyday, I don’t want to say everyday guilt, but for example, guilt with the kids, more so, where it’s like I can’t, you know, I play with them, but I’m really just on the floor.

Bryan Danielson

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