Brian Cage Hasn’t Signed With AEW, In Talks With New Japan

Brian Cage Hasn’t Signed With AEW, In Talks With New Japan

Over the weekend, the news went around the internet that Brian Cage had signed with AEW. We did not report this because we couldn’t get it confirmed, and even Cage’s wife, Melissa Santos, went on Twitter and denied he’d signed.

Really?? How can you confirm something that isn’t true???? I’m his wife and I can CONFIRM, he hasn’t signed on any dotted line.Melissa Santos

Often partners of wrestlers will deny claims as the promotions like to keep signings quiet until they are ready to announce, but in this case, she wasn’t kayfabing us.

We understand that Brian Cage has spoken to AEW, but he has also spoken with New Japan and is considering his options. Unfortunately, though he is currently injured with a torn bicep and estimates are he will be out of the ring for 4-6 months. This is will likely delay him signing with anyone.

We don’t know when the injury occurred but is the reason his match with RVD didn’t happen at Impact Wrestling’s Hard To Kill PPV. Instead of an actual match, Cage had a chair kicked in his face, and was hit with a Van Terminator. He rolled out the ring, and referees took him to the back.

Hopefully, Cage can return at his best because wherever he ends up, he will be should be a featured performer.

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