Bon Jovi Addresses Vocal Issues

Bon Jovi Addresses Vocal Issues
Original Photo Credit: slgckgc, CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Legendary New Jersey-based rockers Bon Jovi are gearing up to release a new documentary, “Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,” via Hulu on April 26. The band is also about to release their first new music since 2020. 

Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi made headlines in recent years for subpar vocal performances. During a press panel for the band’s upcoming documentary, the singer opened up about the vocal injury that essentially took his singing ability. 

“I pride myself on being a true vocalist,” he said. “I’ve sung with Pavarotti. I know how to sing. I’ve studied the craft for 40 years. I’m not a stylist who just barks and howls. I know how to sing. So when God was taking away my ability, and I couldn’t understand why, I jokingly said the only thing that’s ever been up my nose is my finger. So there was no reason for this.”

“One of my cords was literally atrophied. So my vocal cords, they’re supposed to look parallel. So let’s pretend one of them looks as thick as my thumb and the other one is as thick as a pinky. So the strong one was pushing the weak one aside. And I wasn’t singing well. So my craft was being taken from me.”

Bon Jovi did say, however, that surgery has helped him get to a position where he can return to form. 

“I say in the film in the latter episodes, ‘If I just had my tools back, the rest of it I can deal with,’” he said. “I can write you a song. I can perform as well as anybody, but I need to get my tools back.”

“I’m 19 and a half months into my rehab and Friday night [February 2 at the MusiCares ‘Person Of The Year’ ceremony) was the first time I’d sung in public. Saturday morning was the first time I’d woken up without multiple voices in my head. That was the best feeling. It was just me. So I’m a work in progress.”

He added: “But, boy, do we have a great film and I’ve got a damn good album and I feel really great about all of it. Give me this last piece of the puzzle and it’s going to be a joy to go back to work.”

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