Billy Graham’s Wife Shares Worrying Health Update

Billy Graham’s Wife Shares Worrying Health Update

“Superstar” Billy Graham has been unwell for many years and has been close to death on more than one occasion. Thankfully, he has always been able to pull through; however, he is now struggling with another worrying challenge. With his wife Valerie sharing on his Facebook page that he is dealing with acute renal failure, which means he will need to commence dialysis to support his kidneys.

He has acute renal failure and they will start dialysis tomorrow to support his kidneys… not sure of the cause at this point… too soon Also pray for his lungs….no pneumonia but some kind of inflammation or something . They’ve just gotten him to his roomValerie Coleman

With 79-year-old Graham’s insurance exhausted, he recently launched a GoFundMe, which has so far raised $6,514 out of the $25,000 goal from 163 generous donors. If you are in a position to help yourself, you can do so here.