Ash Irvine’s Paranormal Paragraphs: The Falcon Lake Incident

Ash Irvine’s Paranormal Paragraphs: The Falcon Lake Incident

The Falcon Lake Incident was brought to my attention by my grandfather Ted Irvine, who told me about burns on a man’s body that couldn’t be faked and how it was one of Canadas biggest UFO stories. This experience began in Manitoba, Canada, on May 20th, 1967, when Stefan Michalak was searching the wilderness around Falcon Lake, where he would endure a life-changing experience.

Stefan Michalak claimed to see an experimental aircraft, not an alien spacecraft. Michalak, who was an industrial mechanic, was also an amateur geologist and would often find himself wandering the forests around falcon lake in search of quartz and silver. During one such venture, he had found a vein of quartz, and when moving in closer to the quartz, he was startled by a flock of nearby geese when he looked up to see what had scared the geese, he saw two cigar-shaped objects hovering about 45 meters away.

The ships were said to have a reddish glow to them. Michalak believed the ships to be experimental U.S. military vessels, and he then proceeded to sketch drawings of the vehicles; not satisfied with this, he decided to move in for a closer look at the craft. While getting closer to the craft, he noted that the metal the ship was constructed of was very smooth with no seams. He had noted that a door had opened on the side of the ship, emitting a beam of light, he claimed to hear quiet voices coming from within the vehicle, so he called out, offering mechanical help to whoever was inside the ship. He first called out in English, but the voices went quiet, so he tried calling out in Polish when that didn’t work, he tried Russian, then finally German, all of which garnered no response.

Following this, he stepped towards the door with the bright light, he had to put on welding goggles that he had used to protect his eyes while prospecting. When he peered into the ship, he saw beams of light and various multi-colored panels, but he could not see anyone or anything inside the small opening, he stepped back, and once he did, three panels slid across the opening, which sealed it he reached to touch the craft and upon making contact with the craft the fingertips of the gloves he was wearing began to melt following this the craft started to turn counter-clockwise revealing a panel that was covered in a grid pattern with holes shortly after the craft stopped turning he was struck in the chest by what felt like a blast of air, this blast of air pushed him away from the craft and set his shirt and hat on fire. As Stefan Michalak ripped away at his burning clothes, the craft silently lifted off and flew away.

After the incident had occurred, Michalak was disorientated and nauseous he stumbled through the forest vomiting before he finally made it back to his motel room in falcon lake, when he entered the motel room, his son, who was with him, said he looked disorientated and smelled of sulfur from there he proceeded to catch the bus back to Winnipeg.

Once in Winnipeg, Michalak was treated at a hospital for burns to his chest and stomach, which later turned to sores in a grid pattern Michalak suffered symptoms of headaches, random blackouts, weight loss, and diarrhea. When Michalak told the tale of what had transpired, the eye of the public fell upon him and his family, and it took several years for their infamy to die down. This changed the dynamic of their lives during this time.

Was Stefan Michalak lying or not telling the whole story? It’s hard to know, as Michalak stuck to his word from the time of the incident all the way to the day he died in 1999. So whether Michalak witnessed a military vessel or an alien vessel, he definitely experienced something, as shown by his burn marks and his life-altering story afterward.