Ali Is Donating His Pay For Crown Jewel In Saudi Arabia To Charity

Ali Is Donating His Pay For Crown Jewel In Saudi Arabia To Charity

On this past week’s Friday Night SmackDown, Hulk Hogan revealed that Ali would be joining Team Hogan in their match against Team Flair at the upcoming Crown Jewel show on October 31, 2019.

Ali would later Tweet that he is donating his pay for the match to charity: water. They are an officially registered charity that is looking to solve the global water crisis.

Ali had previously donated his pay to the charity from when he worked Super ShowDown from Saudia Arabia earlier in the year, which was headlined by The Undertaker vs. Goldberg.

The donation is likely to be significant as payoffs for working shows in Saudia Arabia are some of the highest of the year. This is because the shows are being funded by the General Sports Authority, who are responsible for sports in Saudi Arabia.

The Crown Jewel event is controversial because Saudia Arabia has been accused of human rights abuses and suppressing women’s rights. Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Kevin Owens have previously refused to participate at the Saudia Arabia shows. Sami Zayn has been kept off the events because of his Syrian descent, and Aleister Black has been kept off the shows because of fear his tattoos could cause offense.

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