Alexa Bliss Turns Down Fan Who Asked Her Out Using Cameo (w/Video)

Alexa Bliss Turns Down Fan Who Asked Her Out Using Cameo (w/Video)
6K Shares allows fans to get personalized messages from their favorite celebrities, with prices varying depending on the star. Some cost as little as $5, and the highest is currently $2,500 for Caitlyn Jenner. Thousands of celebrities have joined the platform, many of whom are pro wrestlers, with names including Roman Reigns, Ric Flair, Rey Mysterio, Sasha Banks, and Alexa Bliss being available.

One fan, named Antonio, has seized this opportunity to shoot his shot, paying $400 to request a video from Alexa Bliss. It seems that he used the space to fill in the request to ask her out. Bliss sent a friendly video reply stating she flattered but already seeing someone. The full Cameo video can be viewed below.

Had Antonio used Google, he could have saved himself the money as Bliss has been dating singer Ryan Cabrera since last year. The pair first met last October at the SmackDOwn on Fox premier when the Miz, who is friends with Cabrera, introduced them backstage.

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