AC/DC Biographer Calls “Bulls*it” On Ozzy Osbourne

AC/DC Biographer Calls “Bulls*it” On Ozzy Osbourne
Original Photo Credits: Bon Scott - | Ozzy - Kyle Overholtzer, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Author Jesse Fink has penned two of the most extensively researched AC/DC books ever written. “The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC” came out in 2013, and is an in-depth look at many of the key figures behind’s the band’s success and often a cut-throat portrayal of how Angus and Malcolm’s business dealings helped the group to succeed. 

His 2017 biography of late lead singer Bon Scott, “Bon: The Last Highway,” chronicles the legendary frontman’s final three years and addresses the two most controversial topics in AC/DC history: “How did Bon Scott really die?” and “Did Bon Scott contribute to ‘Back in Black?’” 

This week, Fink made a post to the Bon Scott Forum on Facebook captioned: “The bulls*it of Ozzy Osbourne,” with a link to his website, Fink dispels Ozzy Osbourne’s theory for how Scott died. 

Fink wrote: “LET’S CLEAR A FEW THINGS UP, shall we, now that Bon Scott’s death anniversary has come around again and inevitably you’ll hear someone say, erroneously, ‘Bon died of hypothermia’. You can blame Ozzy Osbourne for starting this nonsense.”

Fink provides ample evidence to the contrary showing, in fact, on the night Scott died the temperature didn’t get colder than five degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Osbourne also claimed that he wrote the lyrics for “Suicide Solution” about Scott. Osbourne previously said: “The song wasn’t written for suicide. It was anti-suicide. It was about a friend of mine who killed himself on alcohol and drugs,” referring to the late AC/DC singer. 

Fink writes: “Osbourne explained it meant ‘solution as a liquid, not as a solution to the way out’. He said it was about Bon.”

Fink then provided quotes from Black Sabbath manager Don Arden and Osbourne bassist Bob Paisley denying that claim. “To be perfectly honest, I would be doubtful as to whether Mr Osbourne knew the meaning of the lyrics, if there was any meaning, because his command of the English language is minimal,” said Arden. 

Daisley said: “Ozzy has often said that he wrote ‘Suicide Solution’ about Bon Scott, AC/DC’s singer, but first and foremost Ozzy didn’t write it, I did. Bon Scott was a good friend of mine, I would be the first to say if it had been written about him. I wrote the lyrics as a warning of drinking yourself to death, inspired by Ozzy’s heavy drinking at the time and that the ‘solution’ – as in ‘liquid’ – is not the solution to the problem. I would like to add that in no way were the lyrics meant to encourage the act of suicide, on the contrary, they meant the opposite.”

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