Zombie Book Series Zombie Fallout Coming To TV

Luke Waskowski
Zombie Book Series Zombie Fallout Coming To TV

Hugely popular book series Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo is coming to television and will be turned into a global event television series.

Tufo, will be working with Executive Producers Brad Thomas and Weston Scott along with Peabody Award-winning Producer and Buffalo 8 Partner, Steven Adams and Veteran Marketing Executive Buffalo 8 Partner Theo Dumont to bring Zombie Fallout to the small screen.

On the upcoming series, Tufo said: “Zombie Fallout is a continuing labor of love, sweat, and tears. Originally one book, this thing has become an entire universe. It’s gone farther than I ever imagined; it’s become a reality.”

The series is a tale of a community of heroes, monsters, cowards, and misfits struggling in a world that is taken over by zombies. The adventure tells a story about a family hunted by zombies and Eliza, an evil 500-year-old vampire.

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