Zelina Vega Could Be AEW Bound

Zelina Vega Could Be AEW Bound

Thea Trinidad, who wrestled for WWE as Zelina Vega, was released by the company last year for breach of contract, with the decision coming straight from Vince McMahon. It stemmed from her opening a third-party account after WWE had imposed their ban. Now speaking to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW’s Tony Khan has revealed he has been keeping tabs on her 90-day non-compete clause and is interested in potentially working with her.

Isn’t she in a 90-day non-compete? She was in a non-compete last time I checked. I’ve been waiting for that. I don’t talk to people when they have the non-compete. If hers expired, it must have just expired. I’ve been waiting on her non-compete to expire. I’d have to check the math to see if she expired. When we get through this tournament and through this pay-per-view, I’d be interested to see where she’s at. Tony Khan

Trinidad’s non-compete actually ended over two weeks ago, so legally, both her and Khan are free to talk. The former WWE star began wrestling in 2010, and thanks to a recommendation from Tommy Dreamer, she got a shot in TNA in 2011. During her TNA run, she competed as Rosita and won the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship with her kayfabe cousin Sarita but would return to the independents a few years later. During her time back on the indie scene, she would try out for WWE every year until finally getting signed in 2017.

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