WWE Star R-Truth Says He Is Mad At Himself

WWE Star R-Truth Says He Is Mad At Himself

R-Truth is one of WWE’s most beloved wrestlers, and while he has had some amazing career highs and been featured in main events, he is most well-known for his humor. However, it now appears that R-Truth somewhat regrets embracing the comedy aspect of his character so much rather than pushing to be a top guy. This is known because the current WWE World Tag Team Champion has stated on TikTok that he is mad at himself for not getting to where he wanted to be in his career.

“I guess I’m mad at myself when I think about where I am and where I wanted to be in my career.”


52-year-old Truth broke into the business in 1997 in an attempt to turn his life around, having been incarcerated a few years earlier. Initially, he performed as a manager before establishing himself as an in-ring performer, and after sending a video to WWE just two years into his career would subsequently be hired and renamed K-Kwik.

Still, that run only lasted a couple of years, and he spent the next five years in TNA and working on the indies. Nevertheless, he returned to WWE in 2008, and since then, he has been a regular on television, earning the love and admiration of fans worldwide due to his fun-loving personality.