WWE Has Return Date For Randy Orton

WWE Has Return Date For Randy Orton

Due to needing lower back fusion surgery, Randy Orton has been out of action since May of last year. And recently, his father, Bob Orton Jr., disclosed his son’s doctors were against him returning to the ring. That, though, seemingly won’t be preventing WWE from bringing him back when medically cleared by their own medics, and according to Ringside News, they already have a date penciled in for later this year.

Randy Orton has a return date in the future, it’s not this summer but it is in this calendar year.

Ringside News

Prior to Orton’s debilitating back injury, he was set to be Reign’s SummerSlam challenger. Subsequently, he was written off of television at The Bloodline’s hands. Therefore he potentially has a massive feud waiting for him if he does return; of course, he will need to be medically cleared first, which sadly may not be a foregone conclusion.

James Ryder