WWE Has Opposed Two Trademark Applications Made By Cody Rhodes

WWE Has Opposed Two Trademark Applications Made By Cody Rhodes

Cody is on a mission to take ownership of several trademarks that WWE allowed to lapse, which were created by his late father, Dusty Rhodes. Two of these were “Slamboree,” which was the name of a pay-per-view, and “The Match Beyond,” an alternative name for WarGames. However, WWE filed an opposition for these trademarks on 21st September.

WWE claims that despite not using these names for new content, they become their intellectual properties when purchasing WCW in 2001 and are now linked to WWE in the publics’ mind. Stating that allowing Cody to use them would confuse wrestling fans.

Not associated with WWE, but Cody is also having difficulty securing the trademark of “The American Dream,” which was his father’s nickname. He was recently rejected for the third time as the United States Patent & Trademark Office says he did not provide appropriate documents showing how “The American Dream” was used in entertainment services, specifically live appearances and appearances by a pro wrestler. Cody and his lawyer now have until late January 2021 to provide further documentation.

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