Chilean Wrestling Show Canceled After Promoter Booked Marty Scurll

Chilean Wrestling Show Canceled After Promoter Booked Marty Scurll

March 25th and 26th were meant to see commentator and promoter Hugo Savonivich put on wrestling shows in Santiago, Chile, and with them set to air on TNT in the country, it appeared it could lead to big things. Now though, it’s been reported by Lucha Blog that after local officials (who were likely funding the show) learnt Marty Scurll, who was named in the #SpeakingOut movement, was on the cards, they’ve totally scrapped the March 25th show. And while tickets do remain on sale, TNT has removed the listing.

Chilean wrestling Instagram account PowerbombCL says local officials have canceled the March 25th show in Valapariso after learning about Scurll’s history. TNT Chile has also removed references to airing the shows. Tickets are still on sale for both shows.

Lucha Blog

Scurll’s career is effectively over in North America regarding major promotions, as while the 34-year-old has never been charged with a crime, the allegations quickly resurface any time his name is mentioned. It did appear at one point he was set to work for New Japan in the US when he made a surprise appearance during a television taping. Yet, the backlash was so fierce the footage would never air. This has left him mainly wrestling in Mexico and Europe on small shows.

James Ryder