Why Baron Corbin Has Been Off WWE Television

Why Baron Corbin Has Been Off WWE Television

Despite being drafted back to the main roster, Baron Corbin has only wrestled on one episode of SmackDown over the past month. Therefore, some fans have been speculating regarding his current status, with some fearing an injury. However, he now revealed, while responding to a fan on X, that he has simply been taking a vacation, which is something becoming far more common for talents under Triple H’s leadership than Vince McMahon’s.

“I’m on vacation for a few weeks.”

Baron Corbin

Corbin signed with WWE in 2012 after he failed to make it to the NFL. Then, following four years of learning his craft in NXT, he made his main roster debut at WrestleMania 32, winning the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Since then, he has become a management favorite and received a solid push, including winning the Money In The Bank match 2017. Still, in recent years, some fans have begun to get tired of the former footballer player despite multiple gimmick changes, and he was subsequently moved back to NXT last year in an attempt to reboot his career.