Why Anthem Sports & Entertainment Fired Scott D’Amore Has Been Reported

Why Anthem Sports & Entertainment Fired Scott D’Amore Has Been Reported

Even wrestling fans who don’t follow TNA were shocked on Wednesday when news broke that their President, Scott D’Amore, had been fired by Anthem Sports & Entertainment and replaced by Anthony Cicion. At the time, no specific reason was shared regarding why the popular former wrestler and manager had been let go, and therefore, online speculation commenced, with some fans even fearing some type of scandal. However, Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio has since reported that it was because D’Amore had been pushing Anthem Sports & Entertainment management for a bigger budget to work with.

“[D’Amore] thought that it’s time, you know, spend some more money, try to go after more talent, try to build this thing up, we have a little bit of momentum. And the Anthem people were kind of like, ‘We don’t want to increase the budget’ and maybe even wanted to cut back on the budget but definitely didn’t want to increase the budget. And it was a standoff, and that’s kind of what happened. He’d always been trying to get a bigger budget, and he’d always been rebuffed.”

Dave Meltzer

49-year-old D’Amore broke into the business at the age of just 16 and, within a few years, was working for WWE and WCW as an enhancement talent. He would go on to join TNA in 2003 and soon became the onscreen coach of Team Canada. And while he departed the promotion in 2010, he returned in 2017 as Vice President of International Relations and from there worked his way up the ladder, becoming President in 2023