What Liv Morgan’s Injury Is Has Been Revealed

What Liv Morgan’s Injury Is Has Been Revealed

News recently broke that Liv Morgan was suffering an injury; however, it was hoped it wasn’t too serious. Those hopes, though, were dashed when she and Raquel Rodriguez were stripped of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions this past Friday. And now it’s been reported by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio that she has suffered a shoulder injury that may require surgery.

Liv Morgan has what is believed to be a shoulder injury that may need surgery, and so they announced on SmackDown that her and Raquel are being stripped of the tag team titles.

Bryan Alvarez

The belief is Morgan’s injury occurred during her and Rodriguez’s title defense against Damage CTRL members Bayley and Dakota Kai during the 12th of May episode of SmackDown, as this was her last match. However, it isn’t clear where in the match the injury occurred, although a rewatch does show her nursing her left shoulder on occasion.

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