Update On The Elite’s AEW Contract Situation

Update On The Elite’s AEW Contract Situation

In recent weeks there have been rumors of WWE being interested in the Elite, with Kenny Omega said to be particularly targeted for future recruitment. However, WWE can only speak to them once their AEW deals expire, and now the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that AEW is working to sign them to long-term contracts before they get a chance to explore free agency.

AEW is working on signing the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega to new long-term deals well before they become free agents.

Dave Meltzer via WON

All three men were instrumental in the launch of AEW, and the Elite in the company’s name comes from them. Therefore it’s hard to image AEW without them, yet the same could be said about Cody Rhodes. Of course, the difference is Rhodes clearly had the desire to be a top star in WWE where he started out, where at least on the outside, it appears The Elite are content with working outside of the WWE system and the freedom it permits them.