Update On Kevin Owens’ WWE Future

Update On Kevin Owens’ WWE Future

Three months ago, Kevin Owens began teasing leaving WWE. Initially, he tweeted and then deleted the coordinates for Mount Rushmore. This was relevant because, in 2013, he was part of a PWG faction called “The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling,” along with the Young Bucks and Adam Cole. He would then update his Twitter to read “Almost there,” while the Young Bucks had theirs as “There.” With his contract expiring in January 2022, many believed it was inevitable he was on his way to AEW.

Now though, Fightful Select has reported that following what was considered “an excellent offer,” the Raw star has re-signed with WWE. The belief is he has signed a multi-year deal, and the reason WWE has been giving him so much television time recently was their way of persuading him to stay. Whether Owens was ever seriously considering joining AEW is unknown, as it is possible he was flirting with the promotion to help earn himself a larger contract with WWE, which is something Randy Orton was previously accused of.

Owens has been with WWE since 2014 and has held the Universal Championship, NXT Championship, and both the Intercontinental and United States Championships on multiple occasions. Overall, he has always been prominently featured despite now having the look Vince McMahon usually pushes and worked with the company’s biggest stars, including John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. He is currently chasing the WWE Championship and challenges Big E as part of a Fatal Four-way match at WWE Day 1. Many fans had thought he was the man going to get pinned in the match; now, having committed himself to WWE, he has every chance of winning.