Update On Bray Wyatt’s Movie Career Following WWE Return

Update On Bray Wyatt’s Movie Career Following WWE Return

In November 2021, Jason Barker, the special effects make artist who worked on The Fiend’s costume, revealed that Wyatt has landed a role in a feature film. Specific details relating to the movie weren’t disclosed, although it was described as Ichi, the Killer meets Xanadu. However, things have been quiet since then, and it appeared the project could be dead with Wyatt having returned to WWE. Now though Barker has given Metro an update and confirmed the movie is still ongoing, just right now, everyone involved is focusing on Wyatt’s current WWE run.

It’s not dead, it’s just we’re all working over at WWE now. I’m sure we’ll eventually get around to it, but – alright, let’s just go and do this for now! We were getting close, and then he started talking with Hunter, and then Hunter hired Rob. And then Bray came back, he’s like, “Well I need you to make a bunch of stuff.” I’m like, “Well, when are we gonna shoot a movie if we’re all busy with WWE?” It’s not a bad thing, this is where he should be! And I’m sure we’ll get around to making that movie eventually, but let’s get him back where he needs to be, and that’s in WWE.

Jason Barker

Over the years, many wrestlers have tried to go from the ring to the big screen with varying degrees of success. For every Dwayne Johnson and Batista who made it to the top, there is a Triple H and Goldberg who failed to make the transition successfully. However, in Wyatt’s favor is the fact he has good contacts and managed to land the role so quickly upon his WWE release can only be seen as a positive; plus, now being an active WWE star again certainly can’t hurt.