Update On Andrade El Idolo’s AEW Contract Status

Update On Andrade El Idolo’s AEW Contract Status

Andrade El Idolo joined AEW back in 2021, and it appeared at the time Tony Khan had signed a potential main event performer. Yet, for multiple reasons, the Mexican star has so far failed to live up to those high expectations, and it has long been rumored he wants to return to WWE, where his wife, Charlotte Flair, works. And now it has been confirmed by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio while talking about his upcoming appearance for CMLL that Andrade’s AEW contract is expected to expire soon. However, it should be noted that as he missed nine months from the ring, AEW could potentially choose to extend his time with the company.

“His deal is coming up relatively soon unless it’s extended or something because of time off or injuries or whatever, but he thinks that his deal is up pretty soon, and so he wanted to go back in case he ends up going to WWE. He’s not made the decision what he’s doing next, he’s not signed a new deal, but if he does go to WWE, he knows he can’t go back to Arena Mexico.”

Dave Meltzer

34-year-old Andrade’s big break came when he joined CMLL in 2007, and after also wrestling for New Japan for several years, he would catch the attention of WWE. This saw him sign a developmental deal in 2015, and subsequently, he became NXT Champion and later United States Champion on the main roster. Still, he would become disillusioned with his booking and asked for his release in 2021, and while initially denied the company would go on to grant this, which opened the door to him becoming All Elite.